Hong Kong lawmakers protest Japan's plan to release treated water

Lawmakers in Hong Kong have rallied against the Japanese government's plan to release treated and diluted water from a crippled nuclear power plant into the ocean.

Fourteen people including Legislative Council members marched to the Japanese Consulate-General on Friday to submit a letter of protest.

The say the plan to discharge water from the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear plant will pollute the ocean.

Hong Kong is a major importer of Japanese food, but imports of vegetables and fruits from Fukushima Prefecture are currently suspended due to consumer concerns.

One lawmaker said if Japan unilaterally goes ahead with the discharge, they will demand the Hong Kong government to halt imports of the country's marine products.

Officials at Japan's Consulate-General responded by saying the concentration of radioactive tritium will first be diluted to levels that meet national regulations.

And they say Japan will continue to provide explanations based on science.