Fukushima food fair opens in Hong Kong

An event to promote food from Fukushima Prefecture, northeastern Japan, opened in Hong Kong on Friday.

Hong Kong is the second-largest export destination for Japanese food items, after China.

But the city's government has suspended imports of vegetables, fruits and some other products from Fukushima since the Japanese prefecture suffered a nuclear accident in 2011.

The food fair, organized by the Fukushima Prefectural Government, is being held at two shopping malls in Hong Kong. Visitors enjoyed a traditional Japanese drum performance on the opening day.

Food items available at the event include rice, Japanese sake and ramen noodles, which are not subject to Hong Kong's import restrictions.

Visitors also can sample juice made from peaches produced in Fukushima.

A Fukushima official says he hopes people in Hong Kong learn through the event how safe and delicious Fukushima foods are.

The food fair runs through March 22.