Taiwan to hold presidential election on Jan. 13 next year

Taiwan will hold a presidential election next January 13 to choose the successor to incumbent President Tsai Ing-wen.

Taiwan's central election commission on Friday decided the date of the election, which is held every four years.

Tsai is now serving her second and last term. Taiwan's Constitution limits a president's tenure to two terms.

Major political parties have yet to choose their candidates.

The likely nominee from the ruling Democratic Progressive Party is its chairperson, Lai Ching-te. He is vice president under Tsai.

Potential candidates from the Kuomintang, the largest opposition party, include the mayor of New Taipei City, Hou Yu-ih, and the party's leader, Eric Chu.

The head of the third-largest party, the Taiwan People's Party, has shown his willingness to throw his hat in the ring. Ko Wen-je is a former mayor of Taipei.

The commission also decided that parliamentary elections will be held on the same day as the presidential poll.