Supporters of ex-PM Khan clash with police in Pakistan

Supporters of former Prime Minister Imran Khan have clashed with police in Pakistan. One person has reportedly died, while dozens have been injured.

The violence erupted during a rally in the city of Lahore. Police fired tear gas and used water cannons to disperse a crowd that had formed near Khan's residence. He was expected to address his supporters there.

Police officials say several officers were also injured in the confrontation.

Khan had called on his supporters to stage demonstrations on Tuesday, the start of the campaign period for the upcoming election in the Punjab provincial assembly. Khan's party held the majority of seats in the previous term.
The provincial government responded by imposing a ban on all public gatherings in Lahore. It said the measure was aimed at preventing the outbreak of violence.

Khan was removed from office last year through a vote of no confidence. He is now the opposition leader and is urging his supporters to hold rallies to put pressure on the government. He wants the general election to be brought forward, but the government has been adamant it will be held as scheduled this fall.