Georgia protests over controversial bill continue for second day

Protesters took to the streets of the Georgian capital Tbilisi for the second straight day on Wednesday to oppose a bill they say resembles a Russian law that restricts people's activity and freedom of speech.

Thousands demonstrated in Tbilisi on Tuesday after lawmakers approved legislation that would require organizations that receive 20 percent or more of their funding from overseas to register as "foreign agents."

Georgia's ruling party says the law is necessary to ensure funding transparency.

The opposition is strongly against the bill. They say it is the same as the Russian law that designates individuals and groups who are critical of the government as "foreign agents."

Demonstrators took to the streets again on Wednesday. Some waved flags of Ukraine and the European Union, which Georgia is hoping to join, and chanted "No to Russia's law."

Some protesters have clashed with security authorities. Georgia's Ministry of Internal affairs said on Wednesday that over 70 people had been arrested.

Russia's state-run media has also been providing detailed coverage of the demonstrations.

The deputy speaker of the Upper House of the Russian parliament, Konstantin Kosachev, denied that Russia was involved in drawing up the law.

He said on Wednesday that Russia is not the first country to make a law regulating organizations that receive funds from abroad.