Taliban urged to uphold women's rights by UN member states

Ten UN member states issued a joint statement on International Women's Day urging the Taliban Islamist group to uphold the rights of women in Afghanistan.

The Taliban have taken measures to limit the rights of women, such as barring girls from middle school.

Albania's UN Ambassador Ferit Hoxha read out a statement on Wednesday saying women and girls in Afghanistan are experiencing one of the worst human rights crises in the world.

The statement demands that the Taliban immediately reverse all oppressive measures against women and girls, and respect the human rights of all Afghan people.

The UN Security Council later discussed the situation in Afghanistan.

Member states, mostly Western nations, expressed concern over the Taliban's measures.

Deputy envoys from Russia and China said they will cooperate with efforts to protect women's rights. But they also criticized Western countries, saying their economic pressure has aggravated the humanitarian situation in Afghanistan.