Japan's Upper House committee to discuss disciplinary action for lawmaker GaaSyy

Japan's Upper House discipline committee is set to meet next week to discuss disciplinary action, including possible expulsion, for a lawmaker who has not attended any Diet sessions since being elected last year.

You Tuber GaaSyy, whose real name is Higashitani Yoshikazu, says he resides in the United Arab Emirates. He belongs to the NHK Party, which wants reforms implemented at the public broadcaster.

The Upper House demanded that GaaSyy deliver an apology in person but he did not return to Japan and was absent from the plenary session on Wednesday.

Upper House President Otsuji Hidehisa repeated his call for the chamber's discipline committee to discuss GaaSyy's penalty.

The committee has decided to meet next Tuesday. GaaSyy could face the most serious disciplinary measure and lose his seat in the chamber.

NHK Party Leader Tachibana Takashi has announced that he intends to resign as the party's leader to take responsibility for GaaSyy's refusal to comply with the chamber's demand for an in-person apology.