Kewpie launches plant-based brand

Japanese food-maker Kewpie, best known for its yolk-rich mayonnaise, is launching a plant-based brand. The company says it was inspired by consumers' growing concern for the environment.

Two Green Kewpie products will hit shelves next week, including a Caesar dressing made without anchovies or mayonnaise.

Kewpie Director Hamasaki Shinya says, "There's a global movement towards sustainability, and we're hoping this will become a strong brand that gives us a wider international presence."

Kewpie says it plans to expand the lineup and is targeting 10 billion yen, or about 73 million dollars, in annual sales by 2030.

The plant-based food market is heating up in Japan. Rival food giant Kagome, best known for its ketchup, is already selling a ready-to-eat egg-free omelet-and-rice meal.