Job fair organized for Japanese tourism industry to resolve worker shortage

Japan's tourism industry is struggling with a shortage of workers as demand for travel surges in the wake of the coronavirus pandemic. The Tokyo Metropolitan Government organized an emergency job fair in a bid to help companies affected.

More than 30 businesses, including bus companies and hotel operators, sent recruiters to the fair on Wednesday.

Job-hunting university students and workers seeking to switch jobs visited corporate booths, where they were briefed on the work and wages.

Some businesses tried to appeal to the job seekers by highlighting their flexibility, such as the choice to work remotely.

The Tokyo government says effects of the worker shortage are spreading across the tourism industry.

One hotel operator has been forced to limit its capacity to around 70 percent.

Fujioka Takeshi, whose company runs hotels in Tokyo and Kyoto, says bookings are up but they've had to limit guests because they're short on staff.

The job fair will continue through Thursday.