New skyscraper set to open opposite Tokyo station

Japan's capital is about to get a new addition to its famous skyline with the opening of a major commercial complex in front of Tokyo Station.

The 45-story Tokyo Midtown Yaesu building will throw open its doors on Friday. The skyscraper will be home to numerous offices, shops and other facilities.

Property firm Mitsui Fudosan spent 244 billion yen, or about 1.8 billion dollars, on construction. The company expects the tower will draw 10 million visitors every year.

The fourth and fifth floors include areas focusing on local industries, such as woolen fabrics from central Japan.

Mitsui Fudosan President and CEO Komoda Masanobu predicts the project will deliver a huge boost to the value of the Yaesu area, and make Tokyo a more internationally competitive city.

Other real estate firms are also pushing to redevelop sites around Tokyo Station.