Japan's Defense Ministry provides training to Philippine Navy

Japan's Defense Ministry is offering training sessions to Philippine navy personnel in an effort to help create a stable security environment.

The ministry on Monday invited the media to one session at a Maritime Self-Defense Force facility in Yokosuka, outside Tokyo.

Since late February, nine members of the Philippine navy have been learning vessel maintenance, including how to look after and assemble the parts of a large engine.

The ministry says the Philippine navy plans to introduce large vessels and the SDF is providing practical training upon request from the Philippine side.

Lieutenant Mark Ben Camarines says they will share the knowledge and skills learned in Japan with their colleagues and make use of the knowhow.

Kurashige Nagato of the Maritime Self-Defense Force's Second Service School says stability in the Indo-Pacific region is crucial for Japan's prosperity, and the ministry will continue supporting the Philippines.

The ministry has been providing training mainly to defense officials of Southeast Asian countries since fiscal 2012.

Japanese Prime Minister Kishida Fumio and Philippine President Ferdinand Marcos Jr. agreed last month that their countries will deepen cooperation in security and other fields in the face of China's increased maritime activities.