Early blooming peonies on display at garden in Nikko, north of Tokyo

Early blooming peony flowers are on display at an indoor garden in the historical resort city of Nikko, Tochigi Prefecture, north of Tokyo.

Seventy-five varieties of brightly colored peonies in 250 pots are in full bloom in the garden at a local roadside facility where people can relax and shop for local products.

Peonies usually bloom between April and May in Japan. But this garden gets specially grown plants delivered from the western prefecture of Shimane each year so that they will be in full blossom at this time.

Visitors to the garden are asked to vote on their favorite varieties. The red-purple Sharaku and the yellow Okan turned out to be especially popular.

One woman from Tochigi City said she was glad to see colorful light pink and white flowers, as well as new varieties.

The president of a local peony fan club said he hopes visitors will enjoy the large blooms, which are often referred to as the "champion of flowers."

The event will run through Tuesday.