Turkish memorial museum in central Japan receiving donations for quake survivors

A museum commemorating the friendship between Japan and Turkey has been receiving donations and messages for survivors of the powerful earthquakes that hit Turkey a month ago.

Kushimoto town in Japan's central prefecture of Wakayama set up donation boxes in four places, including the Turkish Memorial Museum, a day after the February 6 quakes struck.

Museum officials say visitors have been putting money in a donation box, and writing messages to pay respect to the victims and to cheer up survivors.

One message says, "I hope Turkey will recover from the disaster as soon as possible." Another says, "My heart is always with you."

One survivor of the Great Hanshin-Awaji Earthquake in 1995 called on people affected by the quakes in Turkey to move on one step at a time.

A museum official says she feels many people want to do something for the quake-hit country. She says one visitor visited Kushimoto after learning about the quakes to make a donation at the museum.

The Turkish Memorial Museum is near an area where an Ottoman Empire naval vessel sank in 1890. It exhibits pictures and other materials showing the friendship between Japan and Turkey.