Trade flourishing at China-Russia border crossing

China's economic ties with Russia have been growing as Moscow faces increasing sanctions following its invasion of Ukraine.
NHK visited a Chinese border city that is flourishing on account of the increased trade.

The northeastern city of Manzhouli is perhaps the best place to see how business between the two countries is booming.
Chinese media say more than 65 percent of land trade with Russia passes through this border crossing.

A large number of Chinese trucks and heavy machinery are recently seen at a customs area.
Local business people say Russia has begun importing such items from China instead of Western countries in the face of sanctions. They say the imports extend to daily goods such as fresh vegetables.

A Russian driver said "We are doing good. Business is fine too."

The closer ties with Russia are clearly visible in the city center. Banners at shops are written in both Chinese and Russian. Customers at one store were buying Russian sweets and alcohol.

The total value of Sino-Russian trade last year reached a record 190 billion dollars. That's up almost 30 percent from 2021. The two countries expect the figure will reach 200 billion dollars by next year.