Indonesian fuel depot fire kills at least 15, forces hundreds to evacuate

A fire at a fuel depot in the Indonesian capital of Jakarta has killed at least 15 people, injured dozens of others and forced hundreds of residents to evacuate.

The fire started after 8 p.m. local time on Friday at the fuel depot operated by a state-run oil company. It spread to a nearby residential area.

Local media say that 15 people, including two children, have been confirmed dead and eight others remain unaccounted for. About 50 people have been treated at hospitals for burns and injuries.

The flames and a foul odor sent residents in the densely populated area around the facility into a panic. The disaster forced about 640 people to evacuate.

An official of the oil company told reporters that the blaze may have been caused by a lightning strike after a pipeline had been damaged by heavy rain.

There have been concerns about the safety of the depot due to its proximity to the residential area.

The Indonesian government has instructed the company to promptly investigate the incident.