Japan's new H3 rocket scheduled to lift off on Monday

NHK has learned that preparations are underway to launch Japan's new H3 flagship rocket on Monday.

The Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency aborted a launch attempt on February 17 due to a system malfunction.

JAXA explained that a control system detected an abnormality and ignition signals were not sent to the booster rockets.

JAXA says no damage was found to the rocket, including the boosters and an Earth observation satellite on board as well as equipment on the ground.

Sources involved in the launch have told NHK that arrangements are being made for a second attempt on March 6.

The H3 is the first large rocket to be developed by Japan in around 30 years. It was initially slated to blast off in fiscal 2020. But its launch was pushed back due partly to difficulties with the development of the new main engine.