Malaysia PM Anwar calls for new steps to resolve Myanmar crisis

Malaysian Prime Minister Anwar Ibrahim has urgently called for new steps to resolve Myanmar's ongoing crisis, saying more than 200,000 refugees have fled from that country to his.

Anwar spoke after he met with Philippine President Ferdinand Marcos Jr. on Wednesday. The Malaysian leader made his first official visit to Manila since taking office last November.

Anwar said he appreciates Marcos' re-affirmation of support for implementing the Association of Southeast Asian Nations' five-point peace plan. Myanmar's junta agreed to the plan but has not taken all actions.

Anwar said the Myanmar issue "cannot be considered as purely internal because it's affecting the security and welfare of the region."

He said, "I would certainly suggest, with this experience of wisdom, to explore new areas how the Myanmar junta can be persuaded to work and collaborate as a team within ASEAN and resolve the outstanding issue."

The Assistance Association for Political Prisoners says over 3,000 people have been killed in crackdowns in Myanmar since the military coup two years ago.