Sushi chain develops AI alert system to prevent tampering

The operator of the Kura Sushi conveyor-belt restaurant chain has developed an AI-powered alert system aimed at deterring anyone from tampering with their dishes.
This follows a recent series of videos of diners performing unhygienic pranks at conveyor-belt restaurants that went viral on social media.

The company unveiled the alert system to the media.
As soon as the system's camera catches someone returning a plate to the conveyer belt that has been touched by a customer, an alert is sent to the headquarters. Officials will then contact the manager who will approach the perpetrator.

The company says the alert system is the first of its kind in the industry and will be deployed in all its restaurants around the country.
Okamoto Hiroyuki of Kura Sushi says "We think these videos are extremely troubling and pose a threat to the very foundation of the sushi conveyor-belt business model. We hope the introduction of the alert system will help customers feel safe eating in our restaurants."