US: Chinese company sent satellite images to Russia's Wagner Group

A US government official has testified that a Chinese company gave satellite images to a private Russian military group that sends fighters to Ukraine.

Assistant Secretary of State Daniel Kritenbrink disclosed the information at a Foreign Affairs Committee meeting at the House of Representatives on Tuesday. Kritenbrink is in charge of East Asian and Pacific Affairs.

Asked about China's support for Russia's invasion of Ukraine, Kritenbrink said that China is stepping up its economic engagement and increasing purchases from Russia.

He said a Chinese company on a US trade blacklist provided the Wagner Group with satellite images.

Kritenbrink stressed that the US has made it clear that China will have to deal with "consequences and implications," if it provides the Russian military with "lethal support."

He said China is becoming a challenge, as it is becoming more repressive at home and more aggressive abroad. Kritenbrink added that US diplomacy is being tested.

He said the US will "unapologetically stand up" for its values and interests, but that it does not want conflict with China and is "not looking for a new Cold War."