Media watch Japan-India joint anti-terrorist drill

Japan's Ground Self-Defense Force and the Indian Army have been holding joint drills since February 17 for the first time in Japan. The media attended an exercise on Tuesday.

Reporters observed one drill at a training area in Shiga Prefecture, western Japan.

The drill involved flushing out terrorists from a building in an urban area. Units from both sides stormed the building together and conducted measures to secure safety.

Previous exercises have been carried out in India since 2018 as it has a better training environment that includes live-fire drills. India requested that the latest drills take place in Japan.

Japan and India are working together in various fields, including security, with an eye on the Chinese military, which is stepping up its activities. Last month, Japan's Air Self-Defense Force and the Indian Air Force carried out their first joint exercises in Japan.

GSDF officers said India's army is experienced in dealing with terrorism. They said they hope to improve combat tactics and boost bilateral cooperation through the joint drills.