Kim Jong Un calls for 'revolutionary turn' in agricultural production

North Korean leader Kim Jong Un has stated his intention to drastically improve the food situation in his country over the next several years.

State-run Korean Central TV on Tuesday broadcast footage of Kim's speech at Monday's plenary meeting of the ruling Workers' Party Central Committee.

Kim said the main purpose of the plenary meeting is to find ways to achieve the grain production target this year and bring about a radical change in agricultural production within a few years.

Committee debates centered around the guiding principle, described as rural reform in a new era. This has been on the agenda since last year and aims to resolve the nation's food issues. Participants reported on various problems and their cause.

South Korea's Unification Ministry believes the food shortage is so serious in some parts of the North that people are starving to death.

Observers say Kim is aiming to boost his charisma and gather support by promising to supply more food.