Tokyo venture firm offers Ukraine evacuees free app to learn Japanese

A Japanese venture firm is providing evacuees from Ukraine with an opportunity to learn Japanese via their smartphones.

Tokyo-based firm Monoxer is a provider of memorization tools and develops learning platforms mainly for educational institutions and businesses.

Now it has created an application for Ukrainian evacuees in Japan who are having trouble finding work due to the language barrier.

Ukrainian university student Maksym Haichenko, who studied cybersecurity as well as Japanese in his country before fleeing to Japan, began working for Monoxer part-time in September to help develop the app.

He created a quiz for the app in Ukrainian about Japanese words and food.

Haichenko said the quiz includes information about Japan as well as what he wanted to know when he was studying Japanese. He said he expects many people in Japan and Ukraine to use the app.

Monoxer began offering the app for free in October. CEO Takeuchi Kotaro said he wants to offer support to Ukrainians in an area where his company has expertise.