Russia ramps up attacks on Bakhmut but lost 10 armored vehicles in Donetsk

The governor of Ukraine's eastern region of Donetsk says Russian forces have intensified their attacks, causing civilian casualties. But a British report says Russian forces have lost some armored vehicles in the region.

Donetsk Governor Pavlo Kyrylenko wrote on social media that Russian rocket strikes continued in his region from Saturday evening through Sunday morning.

He added that the attacks killed three civilians and wounded four others in and near Bakhmut, one of Ukraine's strongholds.

The founder of Russian private military company Wagner Group said its members had captured two villages near Bakhmut in recent days.

Meanwhile, the UK defense ministry said on Sunday that analysis of satellite imagery, dated February 9, identified ten destroyed Russian armored vehicles near Vuhledar. Some of the fiercest fighting has been taking place there.

The ministry said the vehicles were likely elements of Russia's 155th Naval Infantry Brigade. It said the Naval Infantry is seen as an elite force within the military.

The ministry added that "the supposedly enhanced capability" of Russia's Naval Infantry brigades "has now almost certainly been significantly degraded" because they have been backfilled with inexperienced mobilized personnel.