Kim Jong Un accompanied by daughter at ceremony in Pyongyang

North Korea's state-run media say leader Kim Jong Un has attended a ground-breaking ceremony for a new construction project in Pyongyang, accompanied by his daughter.

Korean Central Television reported on Sunday that the event was held on the previous day.

It showed photographs of Kim's daughter ceremoniously shoveling the earth, along with his father and other participants, and described her as "most beloved."

The project is for high-rise housing units to accommodate more than 4,000 households. More than 100,000 young people from across the country will reportedly take part in it.

North Korean media first published photos of Kim's daughter in November, when she accompanied her father at a test launch of a ballistic missile.

This is the first time that Kim has been reported to have brought his daughter to an economy-related event. Kim could be trying to stress his commitment to developing the country's economy for the next generation.

South Korean intelligence officials say the daughter is Kim's second child. Some analysts say she could be Kim's successor.