Death toll from Turkey and Syria quakes over 50,000

More than 50,000 people have been confirmed dead following the devastating earthquakes in Turkey and Syria earlier this month.

Almost three weeks have passed since the quake, and the affected countries are facing challenges in distributing aid to those in need.

It has been confirmed that the magnitude 7.8 earthquake on February 6, and subsequent quakes, killed 44,218 people in Turkey, and another 5,914 in Syria.

In the Pazarcik district in the southern province of Kahramanmaras, at the epicenter of the earthquake, there is concern over the worsening hygiene situation. Nearly 800 residents still have no potable water.

A medical team visited the community on Saturday and conducted health checks on residents, measuring their blood pressure and checking for sore throats.

The team also handed out toothbrushes, soap bars and other hygiene supplies to residents.

One doctor told NHK that he started working as a volunteer immediately after the quake. He said Turkey has suffered from earthquakes many times before, and he believes people need to help each other.