Filipinos rally to mark 37th anniversary of ousting of Marcos dictatorship

Saturday marks the 37th anniversary of the ousting of the late Philippine dictator President Ferdinand Marcos in a pro-democracy uprising.

Civic groups held a rally at a square in central Manila where the People Power movement that toppled the dictatorship took place in 1986.

Participants mourned those who were tortured to death during Marcos' rule, and criticized his son President Ferdinand Marcos Jr., for repeatedly making remarks to justify what his father had done and whitewash the misdeeds of his regime.

A 22-year-old participant said "We've seen a systematic flow of disinformation and lies. That's why we are against historical revisionism."

Marcos Jr. said in a statement that he was one with the nation in remembering "those times of tribulation and how we came out of them united and stronger as a nation."

He said he offers "my hand of reconciliation to those with different political persuasions to come together as one in forging a better society."