Ukraine aid: US spent the most; Poland, Baltic states gave higher GDP percentage

The latest data show that the United States has provided the most aid to Ukraine over the past year, but Poland and the three Baltic countries have spent a higher percentage of their GDPs.

The German-based Kiel Institute for the World Economy released its "Ukraine Support Tracker" on Tuesday. It tallied humanitarian, financial and military assistance pledged during the one-year period through January 15, 2023.

The results show that the United States led the way by extending 73.1 billion euros, or half the global assistance. That amount is worth about 77.5 billion dollars at the current exchange rate.

The members of the European Union and EU institutions came in second with 54.9 billion euros, followed by Britain with 8.3 billion euros. Germany gave 6.1 billion euros, and Canada provided 4 billion euros.

The rankings changed drastically when analysts calculated each amount in relation to the country's GDP in 2021.

Estonia leads that list. The amount it pledged was 1.07 percent of its GDP. Latvia's contribution was 0.98 percent, Lithuania's was 0.65 percent and Poland's was 0.63 percent. The United States came in 5th. Its donation was 0.37 percent of its GDP. Japan's contribution was 0.02 percent.

The top four nations are geographically close to Russia. The three Baltic states were annexed by the Soviet Union during World War Two, but they regained their sovereignty following the collapse of the USSR.

Poland joined NATO in 1999. The Baltic states joined in 2004. The moves were made in order to bolster security against Russia, which has historically posed a threat in the region.

The four countries have taken a strong stance against Russia's invasion of Ukraine. In addition to providing Ukraine with large amounts of aid, they have led efforts aimed at imposing tough sanctions on Moscow.