No reported damage in Japan from North Korea's claimed cruise missile drill

Japan's government spokesperson says there have not been any reports of damage in the country from North Korea's claimed cruise missile drill on Thursday.

Chief Cabinet Secretary Matsuno Hirokazu spoke to reporters on Friday, after the North's ruling party newspaper reported that the country's military had conducted a strategic cruise missile launch drill on Thursday.

The report said the military fired four missiles from the country's northeast, which it said hit the "preset target" on the Sea of Japan.

Matsuno said his government has not confirmed that the missiles flew over Japan's exclusive economic zone or its territory.

He quoted North Korea as claiming that the missiles traveled 2,000 kilometers. He said if that is true, such launches threaten regional peace and security.

Matsuno said his government will keep working closely with the United States and South Korea. He says Japan will stay vigilant while collecting and analyzing information.