Japan to chair G7 finance chiefs' meeting

Japan will chair a meeting of finance ministers and central bankers from the Group of Seven nations on Thursday.

Japanese Finance Minister Suzuki Shunichi noted that the gathering will come almost a year since Russia invaded Ukraine.

"G7 countries will reaffirm members' solidarity for supporting Ukraine and putting pressure on Russia," the finance minister said. "We will also discuss the impact of the Russian invasion of Ukraine on the global economy."

A broader gathering of G20 financial leaders will start on Friday at Bengaluru in India.

Suzuki and Bank of Japan Governor Kuroda Haruhiko are expected to attend the two-day meeting. Russia will also be taking part.

Suzuki said Moscow's invasion of Ukraine has triggered inflation, food and energy insecurity and other problems.

He said the G20 officials are expected to discuss support for nations facing such issues as well as global economic challenges.