Honda union seeks 5% pay raise

Labor officials at Honda Motor are set to demand their highest wage hike in decades during the annual spring labor negotiations. They say record levels of inflation are making it difficult for workers to make ends meet.

The Honda union will ask for a monthly increase of 19,000 yen, or 147 dollars. This includes a base pay hike and variables. It represents a 5 percent raise, the largest demand in 30 years.

The union is asking for an increase in base pay for a second year in a row. This year's demand is more than four times greater than last year's.

The union also plans to demand a bonus worth 6.4 months of salary, up 0.4 months from the current total.

It says wage hikes are crucial for protecting workers' livelihoods amid record price inflation and for securing a workforce capable of meeting the demands of the global shift to electric vehicles.

Mazda Motor's union is planning to make similar demands. It says it will ask for a monthly wage increase of 13,000 yen, up 6,000 from last year's demand.