New NHK president committed to earning viewers' trust

On his first day in office, new NHK President Inaba Nobuo told reporters what he expects from the public broadcaster and the contributions it can make.

Inaba laid out his management goals at a news conference on Wednesday.

He said first and foremost NHK must live up to its name and be sincere to its viewers.

Inaba wants NHK to become a broadcaster that viewers can count on when they are faced with myriad of information.

On the entertainment front, Inaba said NHK will embark on new endeavors and strive to create world-class, high-quality programs.

Inaba clarified that it will be him who will be in charge of scrutinizing the reforms that have been going on and making sure the public broadcaster continues to thrive.

He said he intends to build a personnel system that is filled with warmth so that each and every employee can do their utmost to increase their performance.

Asked how committed he is to keeping a distance from politics, Inaba made clear that, as a media outlet, NHK must adhere to impartiality and independence, and should never give in to intervention by any person or any entity.