Heavy snow causes traffic nightmare across Japan

People across much of Japan are dealing with a blast of winter weather that's tied up traffic in more ways than one.

Trucks have been stuck for more than 10 hours. The expressway seems like a parking lot, and clearing efforts are slow-going. Its operator says snowplows are a no-go, forcing workers to turn to shovels.

Some drivers gave up on waiting and walked away. But anyone looking for food may be disappointed, as roadside stocks are all out of supplies.

The sudden snowfall caught train operators off guard. Without the tools to defrost the tracks dozens of spots became impassable.

15 trains were stranded with no way for passengers to leave for upwards of nine hours.

One of the passengers said, "There was an announcement that the train was stopping at a red light, and we had to keep waiting forever without any explanation."

Another passenger said, "More and more people who wanted to use the toilet moved toward the rear carriage. It became overcrowded and the air was starting to feel thin."

The blizzard-like conditions made driving terrible and some motorists lost control.

A driver said, "It suddenly became impossible to see anything. I am familiar with the roads, but it is scary to drive in a blizzard."

Weather officials warn it is not over yet. Winter storms in northern parts along the Sea of Japan coast will likely continue on Thursday.