Tokyo begins trial to run public buses on biofuel

Tokyo's government has begun using plant-based biofuel on its public buses on a trial basis in an effort to realize a carbon-neutral society.

A launch ceremony was held at the Tokyo Metropolitan Government in Shinjuku on Wednesday, with Governor Koike Yuriko attending.

For about one month, buses on seven routes in central Tokyo will run on fuel, 20 percent of which is biofuel made from used plant oil and algae called euglena. The rest of the fuel consists of light oil.

Biofuel produces carbon dioxide when burned, but it can be considered to emit no CO2, as euglena and other plants absorb it when they grow.

Governor Koike said there is no time to lose in acting against climate change. She said people must be feeling the ongoing energy crisis through higher electricity bills.
She said a crisis like this can be a chance for people to challenge new things. She expressed hope that environment-friendly energy sources may take root among people.