Okinawa children enjoy playing with snow sent from Fukushima

Snow, amounting to around 200 kilograms from Fukushima Prefecture in northeast Japan, has been sent as a present to children in the southern prefecture of Okinawa.

Snow has been sent almost every year from Fukushima for the past 21 years so that children in Okinawa can enjoy playing with snow, a rarity in the region.

On Tuesday, two sixth graders from Fukushima visited Futenma Daini Elementary School in Ginowan City, where the snow was delivered. The school is located adjacent to the US Marine Corps Futenma Air Station.

The two children from Fukushima were dubbed "Snowman Goodwill Ambassadors." A visit to Okinawa by such ambassadors is the first time in three years due to the coronavirus pandemic.

Children at the elementary school entertained their Fukushima guests with a performance of the traditional Eisa folk dance.

They then went onto the snow spread over plastic sheets and enjoyed the feel of it by making snowmen and having snow fights.

A girl in sixth grade says she had a great time as it was her first time to make a snowman.

One of the ambassadors, Inoue Riki, says he was delighted to see the Okinawa children having a lot of fun with the snow.