New office tower to open in central Tokyo in July

Tokyo will be getting a new addition to its skyline this summer. A multi-purpose complex called "Toranomon Hills Station Tower" will open its doors in July in the heart of the metropolis.

Its developer, Mori Building, has disclosed details of the project. It will be 266 meters high with 49 floors above ground. Its 110,000 square meters of office space will be free of pillars, giving tenants more scope to plan their interior spaces. A venue on the top floors will have state-of-the-art digital technology for high-quality livestreaming.

The complex is one of several large office buildings slated to open in central Tokyo this year. The work-from-home trend that started during the pandemic has prompted fears within the real-estate industry of oversupply.

But the president of Mori Building says working people still need a physical place where they can meet with clients and colleagues.

Tsuji Shingo, president and CEO of Mori Building said, " People want to go to offices to have discussions and exchange ideas, while encountering a variety of different people. The office will create new businesses and other activities."