Cold wave grips Tokyo

Commuters in Tokyo braved strong winds and subzero temperatures on Wednesday morning. In the central part of the capital, the mercury dipped to minus 2.9 degrees Celsius.

Near Koenji Station, people walked past a frozen pond as strong winds caused roadside trees to sway.

A woman on her way to work said the cold air was piercing through her coat. She also said that she was wearing a scarf, even though she usually doesn't. She said she was trying to keep her stomach warm.

Another woman noted that the wind was so strong on Tuesday night that it knocked down trees and bicycles. She said she was wearing two extra layers of clothing, and using adhesive warmers, but was still chilled to the bone.

Commuters at Tokyo Station were bundled up more heavily than usual as they rushed to their offices.

One man said it was much colder than it was the previous day. He added that the cold wave was as bad as media outlets had predicted.

Another man said his feet were cold, even though he was wearing thick socks. He also said his commute felt longer than usual.

On Wednesday, daytime highs are expected to reach four degrees in Tokyo, Chiba and Yokohama. A high of three degrees is expected in the city of Saitama.