US media: Washington poised to send Abrams main battle tanks to Ukraine

US media outlets are reporting that President Joe Biden's administration may provide Ukraine with M1 Abrams battle tanks.

The Wall Street Journal and other outlets on Tuesday quoted US government officials as saying that the Biden administration is expected to send a significant number of Abrams tanks to Ukraine.

The reports say an announcement on the tank deal could come as early as this week.

US Defense Department spokesperson Pat Ryder spoke at a news conference on Tuesday. He said that he had nothing to announce on any US decision regarding M1 tanks.

But he added that the United States continues to have discussions with the Ukrainians and US allies and partners about "medium- and long-term defense requirements for Ukraine."

Several German media outlets reported on Tuesday that the German government has decided to send Ukraine Leopard 2 tanks.

Germany and the US have been cautious about providing tanks to Ukraine. Observers say that the two countries may be working together on the issue. They also say that the decisions made about the battle tanks are likely linked.