Ukrainian evacuees in Japan learn how to create NFT digital art

A group of Ukrainian evacuees in Japan has learned how to create digital works of art and authenticate them using the latest technology.

A private organization that supports the evacuees held a seminar on non-fungible tokens, or NFTs, on Monday. The event was part of an effort to help the Ukrainians find work in Japan.

NFTs are digital tokens that essentially serve as certificates of originality for unique assets. NFT-authenticated artworks have been finding buyers around the world.

About 10 Ukrainians participated in the seminar in Tokyo. They learned how to create digital artworks and tokenize them using NFT technology.

One participant said she thought of her life back in Bucha, and prayed for the war to end, as she made her artwork. She said she hopes to create more works of art.

Prominent AI artist Kabashima Seiichiro served as the tutor during the seminar. He said he hopes the Ukrainians will master the technology, so that they can express their thoughts globally and support themselves financially in Japan.