Painter adorns Hokkaido public bath with majestic mountains

One of the few remaining public bath artists in Japan has painted murals in a Hokkaido bathhouse of the prefecture's Taisetsusan Mountain Range.

The facility operator in Asahikawa asked Tanaka Mizuki, the only female public bath artist in the country, to adorn its walls with the breathtaking local scenery during the facility's renovation.

Tanaka had already completed a mural of Asahidake, the tallest mountain in the range, in the women's bath.

Last Friday, she was seen putting the finishing touches on a mural in the men's bath of some other peaks.

Visitors were invited to view Tanaka at work. They watched her paint the snow-capped peaks and the autumn leaves in the foothills.

She received a big round of applause when the colorful mural was completed.

She said she tried to paint the walls so anyone anywhere in the bath would have a good view.

She added that she found Asahikawa to be a lovely city, where the stunning mountains can be seen from anywhere.

Sawada Toshihide, who commissioned Tanaka, expressed joy at the excellence of the murals. He said he wants bathers to dip into the bath and relax while enjoying images of the area's lovely mountainous terrain.