YouTuber lawmaker staying in UAE urged to return to Japan and attend Diet

A Japanese lawmaker, known as a YouTuber, has been urged to return to Japan and attend an ordinary Diet session that began on Monday.

GaaSyy, whose real name is Higashitani Yoshikazu, belongs to the NHK Party. He has been staying in the United Arab Emirates and has not attended any Diet sessions since he won an Upper House seat in July last year.

The Upper House Steering Committee summoned his secretary and the party's policy research chief, Hamada Satoshi, on Monday. The head of the committee, Ishii Junichi, handed them a document calling for GaaSyy's early return and attendance at the Diet.

The document points out that the committee has already dismissed a plan by the lawmaker to continue staying abroad.

It also notes that although the lawmaker says he plans to be back in Japan in March, Diet members are required by law to attend a session on the day the Diet convenes.

Hamada told reporters that the party hopes to respect the free will of the lawmaker, and is planning to reply that GaaSyy cannot attend the Diet for the time being.