Police say California mass shooter found dead

Police in the United States say the suspect in a deadly shooting outside Los Angeles has been found dead of a self-inflicted gunshot wound. It ends a manhunt that began after a gunman killed 10 people and injured 10 others during Lunar New Year celebrations.

The male suspect's body was found inside a van in a parking lot about 30 kilometers from the crime scene.
Police had earlier warned residents that a man matching the suspect's description had been seen in the area.

They've identified him as 72-year old Huu Can Tran, though the reason for the attack remains unclear.
Los Angeles County Sheriff Robert Luna said, "We still are not clear on the motive. The investigation continues ... We want to know how something like this, something this awful can happen."

The mass shooting happened on Saturday night at a ballroom dance studio in Monterey Park, a city just outside LA with a large Asian-American community.
Residents say they're shocked at the violence.

Police have also linked the suspect to another incident that happened 20 minutes after the shooting.
An armed man entered another dance venue near Monterey Park, but was disarmed by bystanders and fled the scene.