More classified documents found in Biden's home

US Justice Department investigators searched President Joe Biden's home in Delaware on Friday and found additional classified documents.

The search was part of investigations based on previous finds of such items at Biden's home and private office.

The Justice Department has already appointed a special counsel to investigate the matter.

A lawyer for Biden says in a statement released Saturday that the Justice Department took possession of some materials for inquiry after Friday's search.

The statement said the newly discovered documents date back to when Biden was serving as a Senator and as vice president. Six items were deemed classified.

The statement also said White House staff were present during the thorough search of the entire premises, which lasted nearly 13 hours.

The White House said in a statement that the president and the first lady were not present.

The White House says it will continue to cooperate with the Justice Department and the special counsel to help ensure that the probe is conducted swiftly and efficiently.

Republicans are expected to ramp up their criticism of Biden's handling of the matter.