Anti-abortion advocates hold annual March for Life

Americans on both sides of the abortion debate have been energized since the Supreme Court struck down a ruling last year that guaranteed a woman's right to choose. Those divisions played out in Washington on Friday at an annual anti-abortion rally.

Thousands of people gathered for what participants call the March for Life. They had previously used the event to push the Supreme Court to overturn the ruling that established abortion as a constitutional right. This time, they were celebrating a victory.

One participant said, "Now we need to do things at the state level and make sure that we just keep moving forward, and hopefully there will be a day when none of this needs to happen anymore."

The marchers called on lawmakers in Washington and around the country to continue efforts to pass abortion bans. At least 14 states have outlawed the procedure, or allow it in only limited circumstances.

Pro-choice advocates are demanding action as well. One person who participated in a counterdemonstration said, "These teenagers are saying they are the generation of pro-life. They are only a teeny weeny bit of that generation. Most of the generation in the country want bodily autonomy, want the choice."

President Joe Biden has vowed to restore the right to choose. And Democratic lawmakers are expanding access to abortion in states where they control the legislatures.

Voters say the issue was pivotal in the November midterm elections and helped Democrats maintain control of the Senate.