Russians living in Japan rally against Putin's administration

Amid Russia's ongoing military attacks in Ukraine, about 20 Russians living in Japan gathered in Tokyo's Shibuya district to protest against President Vladimir Putin's regime on Saturday.

Participants who responded to calls made on social media held up signs saying "No war" and other messages. They also waved white-blue-white flags, which have become a symbol of opposition to Russia's invasion.

They chanted, "Peace for Ukraine," and "Stop Putin," calling for an immediate withdrawal of Russian forces to end the invasion.

One woman who has been living in Japan for five years says civilians being killed is the worst thing, and she feels responsible as a person from Russia.

She said she wants to continue to voice her opposition and support the Ukrainian people.

A man who has been working in Japan for six years says crackdowns by the Kremlin are making it difficult to hold rallies in Russia, and he wants to act for those in his home country.