British PM Sunak fined for failing to wear seat belt

British Prime Minister Rishi Sunak has been fined for failing to wear a seat belt while he filmed a video clip in the back seat of a moving car.

The video, uploaded on Instagram on Thursday, shows Sunak talking about the government's economic measures without being buckled up.

On Friday, local police issued the prime minister with a fine.

The prime minister's office says that he "fully accepts this was a mistake and has apologized," adding that he would pay the penalty.

In Britain, a person can be fined up to 500 pounds, or about 620 dollars, if they are caught not wearing a seat belt in a moving vehicle.

This is the second penalty that Sunak has received after he was fined last year when he was the Treasury chief for breaking coronavirus lockdown rules by attending a party in 2020 along with then Prime Minister Boris Johnson.

Local media say that Sunak is the second British prime minister after Johnson to be fined.

The opposition Labour Party's deputy leader Angela Rayer said in a Twitter post that Sunak was a "total liability."