US: N.Korea providing arms to Wagner Group for use in Ukraine

The US government has condemned North Korea for providing weapons to help Russia's invasion of Ukraine.

The White House released satellite photos on Friday that it says show North Korea is providing arms to the Russian private military company Wagner Group.

John Kirby, White House National Security Council Coordinator for Strategic Communications, says one photo taken on November 18 last year shows five Russian railcars traveled from Russia to North Korea. He also says the other photo shows North Korea loaded those railcars with shipping containers and the train returned to Russia the next day.

In December, the White House stated that North Korea delivered infantry rockets and missiles into Russia for use by Wagner Group.

Kirby said the train must have been carrying those weapons, but he added that the amount of material delivered to the group has not changed battlefield dynamics in Ukraine.

He also said the Treasury Department will be designating Wagner Group as a significant Transnational Criminal Organization because of atrocities and human rights abuses it has been committing in Ukraine. He said the government will impose additional sanctions against the organization following the designation.