Body parts found in suitcases in western Japan could be of adult woman

Police investigating a case involving dismembered body parts found in Wakayama City in western Japan believe they are those of an adult woman.

The body parts were found in two suitcases on Wednesday. One of the bags was found in a car parked alongside a river bank.

Police have confirmed the body parts to be those of a woman in her 20s to 40s. They believe that the woman was about 1.5 meters tall and died on Tuesday or thereabouts. The cause of death is unknown.

Police plan to conduct a DNA analysis in an attempt to identify the individual.

Meanwhile, police say the body of a man was found in the river near the car. They say a driver's license that appears to be his was found in the car.

The man is believed to have been a resident of Wakayama Prefecture in his 50s. He was wearing a long-sleeved black shirt and leggings, with no shoes.

Police are looking into possible links between the man and the dismembered body parts.