US announces $2.5 bil. of new military aid for Ukraine

The United States has announced a new package of military assistance worth 2.5 billion dollars for Ukraine.

The US Defense Department said on Thursday the latest package includes 90 Stryker Armored Personnel Carriers. The US will supply the Stryker to Ukraine for the first time to help enable the rapid deployment of Ukrainian forces.

An additional 59 Bradley Infantry Fighting Vehicles will also be provided.

The package also includes eight Avenger air defense systems as well as additional munitions for NASAMS air defense systems. This is in light of the continuing Russian missile attacks in Ukraine.

The new aid package does not include the tanks that Ukraine has been asking for.

The Pentagon said the US has committed more than 26.7 billion dollars in security assistance to the country since the beginning of Russia's invasion in February last year.

Western nations are scheduled to discuss military support for Ukraine at a US-led meeting in Germany on Friday. US Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin is expected to call on the participants to continue their assistance.