11 European nations pledge unprecedented aid to Ukraine

Defense ministers and other representatives from 11 European nations have pledged to provide what they called "an unprecedented set" of military donations to Ukraine.

The representatives, including those from Britain, Poland and the three Baltic countries, held talks in the Estonian capital of Tallinn on Thursday.

They issued a joint statement ahead of a meeting on military aid for Ukraine that will take place on Friday in Germany.

The statement, called the Tallinn Pledge, says the 11 nations urge other allies and partners to "follow suit and contribute their own planned packages of support as soon as possible."

Estonia, which shares its border with Russia, pledged an aid package worth about 113 million euros, or about 122 million dollars, including howitzers and artillery ammunition.

The Estonian government says the new package will bring the total amount of the country's military assistance to Ukraine to 370 million euros, or slightly more than one percent of Estonia's gross domestic product.

Other than the 11 nations, Sweden has also announced a new package of military assistance to Ukraine worth 4.3 billion Swedish crowns, about 416 million dollars. The package includes CV90 armored infantry fighting vehicles, the Archer artillery system and portable anti-tank weapons.