S.Korean youth listen to Korean hibakusha talk about atomic bomb experience

South Korean university students have visited Hiroshima to meet a South Korean survivor of the 1945 atomic bombing in the city to hear her vivid experience.

Fifteen students, who are studying Japanese literature at the Kyungpook National University, met the hibakusha on Thursday at the Hiroshima Peace Memorial Museum in the atomic-bombed western Japanese city.

90-year-old Park Nam-joo is a second-generation South Korean resident in Japan. She was 13 years old and riding on a street car about 2 kilometers from the epicenter when the atomic bomb exploded.

She said there was a flashing light and a lump of fire that engulfed the street car.

She said South Korean residents had nowhere else to go in Japan as they did not have parents' hometowns in the country.

She said people were crying that it was so hot and shouting for help, and they died one after another craving for water.

Park said its cruelty cannot be described with words, such as hell. She said she is heartbroken even now when she remembers the scene.

The students listened earnestly to her story taking notes. One of them said that she was deeply impressed to meet a hibakusha face to face and hear directly from her. Another said that she was saddened to hear that a large number of people were killed.

Park said she saw them nodding while listening to her story. She said she hopes they will remember what she talked about on various occasions.